The winter time is approaching, and it is very important to do a little bit of window and window sill cleaning in homes. For those that have any replacement vinyl windows, small rectangular openings on the bottom of the window frame’s exterior may definitely be visible. These are known as weep holes. These weep holes actually allow any rainwater to drain out of the window while still allowing the window to be open for some fresh air. Windows can get pretty nasty over time with a lot of buildup from pollen, dirt, and ordinary debris. That’s why it’s important for some cleaning to take place.

Removing as much of the dirt as possible is one of the first steps one should take when cleaning the window sills. This should be done before any water gets added. If this is not done before, a muddy mess will be followed, making cleaning a lot more difficult. If the area is dried, using a paper towel or a shop vac is useful for removing any debris. If the windows sit on the first floor, this can be done from the outside, making the job a lot easier. Vertical tracks should also be paid attention to because these can get a lot of build up within them as well.

Rinsing with soapy water is the next step after removing any dirt and debris. Pipe cleaners can be used to clear any debris to the weep holes, making sure that they are free-flowing. A couple of rinses is necessary with plain water after the use of soapy water. White vinegar is definitely essential for the window tracks. It is very effective for cleaning. An old toothbrush may also come in handy for loosening any dirt within the crevices. For windows that are double hung, raising or lowering each sash to the entire length of the track is essential. Follow this by wiping the rest dry with a paper towel.

Once everything is cleaned, they should be kept this way. Applying a coat of floor wax is a trick that professionals use to keep them cleaned a lot longer. This will help to form a protective barrier to those areas of the windows that are exposed to any outside elements.

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