Cenergistic, formerly known as Energy Education, has done it again. They serve clients such as those in the health care industry, school districts, colleges, universities and churches. They help these organizations save energy so they can invest back into the lives they save.

This energy company has been able to create a module that will allow current structures to function better and save energy whether with the electric, gas or water. The company comes in does an evaluation on your spending in the areas of electricity, gas and water. Then it develops a plan that will allow that particular structure to use their module to save money over a series of years. They fee comes out as a percentage of the money saved.

One such structure that this module is being used for is the Mobile County school district. They are said to save over 75 million dollars over a 10 year span. If they can help this district save this much money, think of what they can do for you. With this module Cenergistic will be able to help this and other school districts be able to use the money they save on energy bills to develop educational programs to help their students succeed in their academic career.

Another area that Cenergistic is helping to lessen the amount paid in utilities is in the universities and colleges. These educational buildings have several buildings and campuses that need to be run. Some examples have been Hinds Community College and Jones Community College in Mississippi and Washington and Lee University in Virginia.

Health care facilities are another area that Cenergistic is revamping the utility cost. The University of Oklahoma has put this to use campus wise and has been able to reduce costs tremendously. The Presbyterian Communities and Service in Dallas Texas put this module into effect and showed results almost from the start

Churches use this module as well. They have been able to reduce costs that allow them to reinvest in their church to produce programs for parishioners and their congregation. Some examples are the Preston wood Baptist Church in Texas, the First Baptist Church in Florida, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

This energy company is good at finding ways to conserve energy in several places that help serve people. Churches, healthcare companies, universities and colleges, and school districts are all places that this company goes and puts their module into effect. The savings can be instant or over several years, but the savings are there.

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