When traveling to the Cayman Islands there are many places to consider spending your vacation. It is best to consider what you would like to do while on vacation. Are you going to enjoy the beaches and just relax around the resort or do you want to do some site seeing? If you are interested in site seeing are you willing to travel to get there or would you rather be staying close to all the action?

Grand Cayman is a low key spot for celebrities to visit. While out shopping or dining one might see Taylor Swift or Tom Cruise who enjoy vacationing on the island. Taylor Swift had been seen dining on the East end at Tukka restaurant and Tom Cruise booked a dive trip off the coast of Grand Cayman.

In addition to dining and shopping there are several sites to see on Grand Cayman. The Cayman turtle farm allows tourists to swim with and feed turtles. Sting ray city offers scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing and snorkeling with the sting rays. Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park provide a nice stroll through some gorgeous botanical gardens. One can also encounter many starfish at starfish point beach. If you are up for something indoors, the Cayman motor museum features some vintage cars. There is plenty to do and see on Grand Cayman Island.

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