Although you might fall for the black eyed creatures, raccoons are wild animals that you do not want to cross paths with. Raccoons are highly intelligent and lack a sense of fear, contributing to their dangerous name. It is important to hire pest control to get rid of raccoons (more raccoon info) that reside around your home because they can harm both you and your dog. I don’t know about you, but nobody messes with my golden retriever.

Raccoon removal is dangerous thus the importance of hiring a professional to capture a raccoon. Professionals have the best tactics to trap wildlife animals and know the proper protocol to deal with the raccoon once it is captured. Additionally, you don’t want to put yourself at risk for rabies.

When it comes to your pets, raccoons can put your pets in harm’s way, but especially your dogs. Dogs are greatly at risk because they try to fight back raccoons in order to protect themselves.

Raccoon attacks frequently happen at night, which is when it is the most important to monitor your dog when they go out to the bathroom in the dark.

Raccoons have a number of deadly tactics for harming dogs. The most common ways that raccoons try to attack dogs is by attempting to scratch out their eyes. Raccoons have very sharp claws that allow them to ravenously scratch and bite at dogs.

Raccoons are definitely no friend of your furry pooch, which is why it is important to eliminate raccoons the minute you notice their presence.

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