As we are quickly approaching squirrel mating season, I felt that it was necessary to share with everyone my squirrel story from last winter.

Let me tell you, my daughter’s tap dancing shoes sound quite similar to the squirrels we had scurrying around in our attic. At first, I thought it was my daughter practicing for her dance recital on the mahogany hardwood floor, but then I realized my daughter wasn’t dancing and the noise was coming from the attic.

I was too scared to go in the attic and check out the situation alone, so I had my son go with me.  I saw something scurry across the wooden planks, and I just couldn’t believe we had squirrels in the attic.

My son screamed, “Mom, look!!” as a squirrel practically threw its body across the attic to be united with its other squirrel pals.

While researching for a pest control company, I stumbled upon some basic squirrel facts.

I learned that squirrels are around year round, but especially during mating season, which is coming up in February and March and then again in July and August. My encounter with squirrels took place in early February, which I later realized was mating season.

Squirrels can cause major damage to your home by chewing through your insulation and chewing through the siding of your house. In the fall, squirrels start to enter homes when it gets cooler in order to seek out a warm shelter and food.

When the pest control company came to my house they told me that squirrels like warm and dry places, which is why they are drawn towards attics where they can create large holes, which serve as squirrel entry ways.

The pest control company really did save the day. They did everything from remove the squirrels to prevent future squirrel encounters.

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