With the high cost of housing coupled with the stress of selling one’s home and looking for another place to reside one’s family has outgrown the home being resided in or the home is outdated and needs repairs, remodeling it makes sense as opposed to selling and finding a new home.

Most home owners when they remodel typically remodel the kitchen or one or more bathrooms. Since fall is here and winter will soon be upon us, a bathroom remodel as opposed to a kitchen remodel at this time of year makes more sense primarily due to the fact that most homes have more than one bathroom but only have one kitchen. Most importantly, with Thanksgiving in several weeks and Christmas and New Years the following month, remodeling the kitchen this time of year for most people particularly if you have a large family does not make a lot of sense.

Bathroom Remodels

Studies have shown that a bathroom remodel is dollar for dollar the most cost efficient way for a homeowner to increase the equity in his or her home. Most bathrooms with the exception of a master bathroom are typically no more than twelve (12) by ten (10) feet in size which is one-hundred and twenty (120) square feet.

Insulating the walls of the bathroom (if they are not insulated) and installing water saving featured toilets and sinks are several ways that a homeowner can be energy efficient.

In remodeling a bathroom a handy homeowner can do most of the entire operation himself or herself. New cabinets and a new toilet are typically ordered. The old cabinets, shower, toilet, and bath tub are removed. Assuming there will not be any repositioning of the old fixtures in the room, the existing water pipes will not need to be repositioned.

If the shower is a tile shower, the tile needs to be removed and new tile installed. Likewise, if the old flooring is linoleum, most homeowners remodel with tile flooring and have a water heating system on demand installed in place of the old standard water heater that either runs on propane, natural gas or electricity. The water heating systems on demand that are widely available assist the home owner in cutting down on his or her energy costs for heating water for the home.

Having the assistance of at least one person for a bathroom remodel is recommended in expediting the project and making any needed runs to the hardware store. Typical bathroom remodels from start to finished project run about ten (10) to twelve (12) days to complete depending upon the degree to upgrades and ordered materials arriving on time.


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