Trans fats have been a topic of conversation for a long while, as there has been research done time and time again, (as well as a lot of key social trends), pointing towards their being a part of general unhealthiness. While all the numbers vary all over the place, it is possible that it is one of the leading causes of one of the unhealthiest ages yet in terms of food. While our preparation has come a long way, one can only imagine what trans-fat actually does to our body in the long-term. People are even arguing that it’s more or less the cause of obesity in kids that simply can’t help it because that’s all their parents feed them.

The FDA has realized this and is trying to tie up the use and consumption of Trans Fat. Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg helped move the ban along. The thing is, it’s one of the ingredients that makes a lot of food cheaper, (as well as boosts a lot of other things like taste), putting people who enjoy cheap fast food out. This is good and bad, because ultimately, you can afford to eat healthier no matter what fast food restaurant you go to, it’s just not what people CHOOSE to do. And who is to say what people can and can’t do, except for the federal government?

It’s all perspective at this point, but one can only hope that something along the lines of Trans Fat, (but maybe not as unhealthy), can be born or perfected from the possible silencing of it. A good portion of the food industry and a lot of corporations, (although the number is decreasing every day), still use trans-fat in their recipes. They will obviously not take the fall very lightly, and if they are still using it to begin with, they will probably fight for their right to continue to. It also raises the question of if the FDA plans to let them use it locally by State, or if it would just altogether get rid of the product and “illegalize it” essentially. Only time will tell, but you can bet this is a topic you’re going to see all over the news for the next couple of months.

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