National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2017

2017 marks a historic year as the 70th anniversary of the memorable National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Held every October annually, this day highlights the various contributions of American workers who are disabled. According to SourceAmerica, a national firm that creates employment opportunities to the disabled, this day is marked with significance, improvement as well as awareness campaigns. According to the chief executive officer of SourceAmerica, Mr. Steve Soroka, the day marks the commencement of a national movement that formally recognizes disabled people in different industries. Coming after years of initiation and meetings, the day is marked with meetings that discuss the way forward for this group of disabled people.


The history of National Disability Employment Awareness roots from the nation’s interest to build a platform that encourages the acceptance of disabled people in America. Being declared in 1988, the American Congress played a pivotal role in ensuring that this day is recognized by masses across the state. Making it an official holiday, the disabled get the chance to converge and work on creating more platforms for raising awareness on the subject. This day is normally celebrated in October. The employment history of the disabled dates to 1945 after the declaration of this memorable day.


Celebrated annually, the National Disability Employment Month for Awareness is facilitated by the American Department of Labor’s Office in charge of disability as well as employment office. The spirit that carries the day is appended to the multiple observances that are held at grassroots level in the nation. The facilitators of this day encourage employers from different organizations, from small to large, to participate in the event.


To reflect that input of different workforces in this department, the 2017 National Disability Employment Awareness will be celebrated by a theme called Inclusion Drivers Innovation. Just like the name suggests, the October celebration will take a new direction to celebrate the input of disabled workers and educate people on the value of inclusive workforce in offering impeccable working skills and talent. It is projected that the poster to communicate the idea and the series of events for the day will be out in a few days.


Presently, over 70% of the disabled people are jobless. The main role of SourceAmerica is to create employment opportunities for this people. This has been possible through strong entrepreneurial networks that seek to initiate work opportunities. By establishing not-for-profit organizations for this project, SourceAmerica has created massive job opportunities for the disabled.

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